Blackbridge Defense Awarded Phase I SBIR Contract

After submitting a proposal to the USAF in 2019, Blackbridge Defense felt defeated after receiving a non-select/non-funded notification. Founded by a group of SOF veterans, the never quit mentality runs deeper than most start-ups. CEO David Burnett stated, “Failure is all part of the process and that Phase I denial letter only added fuel to the fire.”

The team went back to the drawing board and used the Air Force’s feedback to begin crafting a new proposal, all the while continuing to reiterate the initial product, a quick release clamping device. A year later the company re-submitted an updated and completely refined proposal.

After a three-month waiting period the company was notified that they were awarded a Phase I SBIR contract in order to continue their efforts.

The technology they proposed is still being kept under lock and key along with their end customers within the USAF. “The new quick release will not only benefit the Air Force but the entire DoD,” Burnett mentioned. We are all eager to hear what is next for Blackbridge Defense and we plan to keep tabs on the growing company and their efforts to penetrate a continuously modernizing DoD.