Redefining Weapon Mounting Capabilities

Blackbridge Defense continues to refine new quick release weapon mounting technology for
the Army and its foreign counterparts. This start-up is more than just a one product company
out of the gate.

While they continue to work closely with the USAF, Blackbridge Defense has also been working with SOCOM end users to redefine weapon mounting capabilities on military vehicles. With the recent 214M contract awarded to GM Defense, Blackbridge recognized a capability gap not being met on the new ISV (Infantry Squad Vehicle) and similar light tactical vehicles. “Current weapon mounts lack innovation and seem heavier than necessary. With new vehicle modernization efforts across the DoD, these technologically advanced vehicles deserve a more innovative weapon mount,” founder David Burnett said in an interview with Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The Blackbridge team is eager to continue testing this month with SOCOM and a prominent undisclosed foreign ally. The company plans to begin fielding the new weapon mount capability by summer 2021.