warrior rising changing the game for veteran ENTREPRENEURS

Warrior Rising is changing the game for Veterepeneurs. Blackbridge Defense is far from self made, and quite literally took an Army of resources to get to this point. Now seven years in the making, the company wanted to shed light on an amazing organization that has helped the Blackbridge team develop a comprehensive and professional website.

Blackbridge founder David Burnett was selected by the Warrior Rising staff to participate in a Shark Tank event the organization hosts once a year. “I was nervous to present to such an affluent panel of Sharks, but the in depth coaching from WR gave me the confidence I needed to crush the pitch,” Burnett said. After the pitch, Blackbridge Defense was offered an undisclosed amount of funding for an equity stake in the company. Unable to land on the terms of the deal, Blackbridge Defense, then Tac Clamp, walked away without a deal. Although a deal wasn’t inked, the resources and network of mentors that came from the Warrior Rising event was far more valuable. 

The Warrior Rising team has always made themselves available to answer any crazy off the wall business questions, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support from Jason VanCamp and his Warrior Rising team. Since our first encounter at the Shark Tank in Utah, we have made great strides as a company and can’t thank WR enough for their steadfast support. They truly are only in it to see other veterans get out, start a company, and subsequently succeed. Visit https://www.warriorrising.org for more information. 

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