Mission driven innovation


We're determined to improve speed and efficiency on the battlefield


After six years of military service, David began inventing technologies to fill capability gaps he discovered over multiple deployments in support of OEF. He founded Blackbridge Defense after honorable discharge in 2014, with an idea to better aid operators during HAF (Helicopter Assault Force) infil and exfil operations. He has been innovating directly with DoD, Federal, and State teams ever since.

Blackbridge has reimagined mounts, optics, coolers, and we are just getting started. Our team consists of a group of SOF veterans who have deployed all over the globe and bared witness to countless capability gaps while on patrols, conducting ISR, and navigating deadly foreign waters.

We are determined to improve speed and efficiency on the battlefield for those quick reaction scenarios.

Blackbridge Defense Innovative Solutions to battlefield needs


We've earned several patents for our innovative solutions to real-world battlefield issues. As veterans we understand how critical it is to work with a manufacturer who understands your issue and can deliver a product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Needs Analysis & Product Engineering

A field experienced representative works with you to create a solution that is effective and efficient under the most stressful circumstances. That includes drawings and renderings to clearly define the scope of the solution.

Stress Testing

Once we've defined a solution we create a prototype that we test in-house and then with you. The goal is to make certain the solution can hold up under the most stressful situations.

Quality Assurance

All of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the US. Final assembly is done in-house to guarantee quality. Nothing goes out the door that doesn't pass rigorous inspection.

About US

Experienced SOF Veterans

We were formed in 2014 to design, develop and implement mission-driven technologies


We are an SDVOSB, ITAR compliant and utilize manufacturing with ISO certifications.

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All products designed, developed and manufactured soley in the US

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