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Optics: The Machine Gun Sight

Patented Red/GreenReflex Dot Sight provides Pinpoint Accuracy

The Machine Gun Sight

The MGS-I is a Patented Red/GreenReflex Dot Sight specifically designed and built for the .50 Caliber, M60E6/E4 /M240 /M-134 Minigun (7.62mm) Machine Guns and MK19 40mm Automatic Grenade launcher which are widely used in the armed forces.

Why the Machine gun Sight?
  • 3rd Generation Machine Gun sight offering a very large field of view designed with an unequalled 120 x 70 mm lens (Medium Lens available) that provides rapid acquisition and tracking of stationary and moving targets
  • Provides pinpoint accuracy which ensures every round is on target suppressing enemy fire faster, reducing collateral damage and reducing drastically ammunition consumption
  • Patented removable LED light source module with a stadia line style reticle that improves accuracy by eliminating the need for sighting guesswork
  • Without a manual BDC dial, gunners can keep both hands-on Spade Grip and their eyes on target at all time
Machine Gun Sight Features
  • Universal sight design—one sight for all machine guns
  • Modular Design—allows to configure the sight to meet a specific mission criteria
  • Easy to maintain / repair / upgrade
  • Available with Red or Green LED light source for better visibility in high sunlight
  • Auto or Manual Brightness control
  • MGS-1 is available for the following standard calibers: 7.62mm 12.7mm &. 40mm (Other calibers upon request)
  • Easily upgrade with a video camera system for remote aiming
  • Optional: 3x magnifier and Honeycomb

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